In-Ground Dog Fence Installation in Maryland

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In-ground dog fences require the best dog training to keep your dog in the boundaries of your yard. The right equipment is essential, but your dog needs the best training to ensure that they don’t escape from your yard when they see another dog, a squirrel, or to chase after a ball into the street.

We opened “The Dog Fence Company” after years of helping owners fix their dog’s bad habits learned from improper training.  What we witnessed was astounding.  Dogs were getting killed, or lost simply because they were not properly trained to stay inside the owner’s yard.  We started this company, because we love dogs.

What’s the Dog Fence Company Difference?  We are Certified Master Dog Trainers with years of experience in e-collar training that will take you far beyond traditional invisible options. We stop your dog from leaving your yard, and then go further to provide solutions for dog obedience training, and behavioral solutions.

Here are some of the main advantages of using the Dog Fence Company:

  • We are certified dog trainers.  We understand how a dog thinks and will make sure that the layout of the fence will prevent breakthrough.
  • Our training sessions can be customized to your needs, taking you beyond dog fence training, and addressing other behavioral, training, and manners solutions.  Both inside and outside the home.
  • Indoor fence solutions are available to prevent counter surfing, doorway escaping, to keep your dog out of a specific room or floor of your home, and to keep your dog off furniture.
  • State of the art dog fence and training technology
  • Lightning protection provides protection to your equipment
  • Large gauge dog fence wire which helps prevent wire breaks
  • Multiple correction levels to ensure comfort and safety
  • Our innovative dog training program was designed by Certified Master Dog Trainers at The Canine Training Center.  It is the safest, fastest way to have a secure yard and a happy dog.
  • Waterproof dog fence receiver collars
  • Rechargeable dog collars that have a very long battery life, lasting up to 2-3 months between charges
  • The collar won’t activate on stray radio signals
  • We properly install the wire to ensure that your dog is safe.  Homeowners sometimes place the wire in the wrong place thereby shocking the pet inside the home.  Did you know that the dog fence signal can be carried into the home via utility wires if it’s improperly installed?
  • A wire break alarm warns you if the dog fence is not working due to the line being severed
  • A dog collar has a low battery light to warn you it is time to charge the battery in the collar

Dog Fence Solutions for Every Yard and Situation

Standard Installation

Front Yard Only

Exclusion Zones

Separate Front/Back Yard

One Side Boundary Only #1

One Side Boundary Only #2

*Neither The Canine Training Center, nor The Dog Fence Company is affiliated with Invisible Fence® Brand invisible fences.  The Dog Fence Company’s dog fences are often mistakenly referred to generically as “invisible fences”. Invisible Fence® and Invisible Fencing® are Brand names, products and registered trademarks of Radio Systems, Inc.