Dog Training in Columbia, Maryland

Dog Training Services

  • Board and Train

    This is our most popular program.  This program is designed to teach owners and train dogs; we offer dog training solutions for nearly any dog training goal. Types of training include: basic dog obedience and manners, dogs with severe behavioral or aggressive issues…  The possibilities for you and your dog are limitless.

  • Group Class Dog Training

    Our dog training group classes cover just about anything you could hope to learn to train your dog. We offer puppy training, basic obedience, and advanced dog obedience, agility training, Dog NoseWork, pack walks, and even specialty classes for aggressive dogs.

  • Private Lesson Dog Training

    Private lesson dog training can be conducted in your home, at our facility, or at various public locations based on your needs. Each dog training session gives you one-on-one attention with an expert trainer, who will craft each lesson to meet your individual goals.

  • Puppy Training

    Our Puppy Training Lessons can be conducted in your home, or at our dog training facility. We offer the option to schedule your first lesson before you bring your puppy home to ensure that you are prepared and your home is safe for your new puppy.

  • Dog Fence Installation

    Installation, training, and repair for wired in-ground type dog fences.  Our experience training dogs with remote collars enabled us to think outside of the box. Together we’ll quickly create a safe environment around your home that gives you peace of mind, and gives your dog the freedom to run and live happy.

  • Free Group Training

    Free dog classes that teach you how your dog thinks are conducted periodically to ensure that everyone has a chance to grow the bond with their dog.

  • Board and Train Refresher

    We love seeing the dogs that we train return to our Board and Train program! For years our clients have been scheduling return visits when they go on vacation. Our clients say they know their dogs will be loved and cared for properly, and they get to brush up and even advance their training.

Q: What is the best thing that you can do for your dog?

A: Learn how to communicate with them, and see the world with their eyes.

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