Advanced Leash Training Group Class in Columbia, MD

Cost: 200.00

(Level 1 & 2 Package: 350.00)

Length: 6 Weeks

Level Two: Advanced Leash Training Course Description

The Group Level Two Advanced Leash Class focuses on building reliable commands, and giving you even more tools to build a better bond with your dog.  The level two class continues to teach you where the level one class leaves off…  While we continue to use treats, we begin weaning them off of the need to receive a treat every time that they follow a command.

 “Think of a reward as you do your paycheck.  When you start training your dog, they are similar to a waiter that receives a paycheck for every single job they perform.  It’s our goal to turn them into a salaried employee, that only needs to be paid every two weeks”

-Andrew Wildesen

Advanced Leash Dog Training Class Goals

  1. Communication: Learn to use the leash properly to provide clear direction, and increase understanding.
  2. Educational Development: Teach your dog solid boundaries that will create reliable commands.
  3. Problem Solve:  Dig deeper into the causes for certain behaviors, and learn how to use the balanced motivation approach to prevent negative behaviors, and create positive behaviors.

Balanced Motivation Dog Training

Balanced Motivation dog training is built around the core of creating a very clear picture for your dog about the behavior that you want versus that which you don’t want.  Remember that dogs only do what works for them, and if you only make something stop working, and don’t give them a way to make something else work better, you haven’t given them a solution.  That’s how the balanced motivation dog training approach works.  It gives you a way to alter behavior, and a way to encourage a new/better behavior.

Our goal in this six-week class is to teach you how to use the leash effectively, and to prepare you to enter the Level Three Off-Leash class.  Because you first teach off-leash obedience while using the leash, you must first learn to use it correctly.  That means that you can keep the leash so loose, that your dog forgets that it’s even on them.  Then you are ready to move on to the next stage.

Additional Group Classes