Off-Leash Dog Training Group Class in Columbia, MD

Cost: $200.00

Length: 8 Weeks

60-Minute Sessions

Group Level Three: Off-Leash Dog Training Course Description

More than anything, you want to be able to control your dog off-leash.  For safety.  For peace of mind.  For great communication.  For bragging rights.  It’s a fantastic feeling to be able to gain your dog’s attention no matter the situation, call them to you, and go for a walk.  All of leash.  You’ll put in a lot of time preparing for your final exam, and at the end of it all, you’ll have a better relationship with your dog than you knew was possible.

Group Classes are designed for dog owners that want to take the time to train their dogs, and learn the process of dog training.  It takes time and hard work.  If you can dedicate the time, passing the final exam of this class will be a great goal for you.

Level 2 is a prerequisite for the off-leash group class.

Additional Group Classes