Board and Train Refresher

Reservations Dog Boarding

Eligibility requirements for our Dog Boarding Refresher program are fairly simple.

1. They must have already been enrolled in the Board and Train Program.

That’s it.

Please note: Reservations that are made more than 3 days in advance require a minimum stay of seven days.

The Best Dog Kennel

The best dog kennel for boarding dogs is where a dog wants to go while the owners are away. It’s the place that they can feel happy, have fun, and learn new things that build a better bond between the dog and their owner.  Even while the owners are on vacation.

How Is This Possible?

Even if you are not part of the initial process of learning, communication yields understanding. If you doubt this, you’re not alone; however, consider this: When a five year old first goes to Kindergarten, it’s a tough transition on the parents and on the five year old.

As they learn to read, write, and to take on new challenges, their confidence gets a BIG boost. They are learning to communicate with the world around them. To understand it’s joys even as they learn a sense of rules, boundaries, and a sense of fair play.

It’s no different for a dog that is being taught a new skill or advancing their obedience. They are learning to adapt to the world around them, which increases their confidence, and their overall happiness.

In short, your dog is learning to communicate as they train with us, even when you’re away.

Communication Skills

The foundation of great communication with a dog is great obedience. Once they learn a simple “Yes” and “No”, they can begin to understand what you need and expect from them.

Focus On Learning

Why send your dog to be stuck in a kennel while you go away, when they could be training and playing at The CTC?  If you’re planning a vacation, give us a call and we’ll reserve a spot for you dog to train and stay with us while you’re away.


Board and Train Refresher: Reservations that are made more than 3 days in advance require a minimum stay of seven days.

Boarding Only: We also accept dogs for boarding only, but we don’t take reservations for boarding more than 3 days in advance.

We know that’s inconvenient, but we’re a small dog training business. If we accepted reservations for boarding only our kennel would be fully booked a year in advance. That would prevent us from doing what we love to do… Train your dogs!

Cost: $150/day   $140/day