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Diva Before and After Board and Train

Actual Quotes From People That We Were Able To Help: "My Dog Pulls So Hard He Drags Me Across The Ground." "My Dog Will Not Stop Jumping On Us Or Guests." "My Dog Is Very Aggressive With People." "My Dog Has No Manners At All." "I Want My Dog To Listen Around Distractions. Everything Distracts Him." "My Dog Ate Our Thanksgiving Turkey! Help!"

How Does The Board And Train Program Work?

Also called In Kennel Training (IKT), Doggie Boot Camp, or Stay and Train, the Board and Train package is our most popular program. First, we’ll set up an evaluation to learn how we can help you. Then, once we understand your dog training goals, we’ll customize a dog obedience training regimen for you and your dog.

Initial Dog Training Evaluation/Consultation

Our evaluation process is essential to us helping you, and therefore, we don’t charge for this service.  In addition, it’s in your best interest to meet with us prior to dropping off your dog, to ensure that our training environment will be safe for your dog. The evaluation will last for 30 minutes as we assess your dog, and together determine what type of training would be most beneficial.  If there is a behavioral problem, we’ll give a preliminary diagnosis, and prognosis.

The start date for the Board and Train is typically decided upon at the conclusion of the evaluation.

Initial Private Lesson

This lesson is conducted on a case by case basis.  If you are in need of immediate assistance, but we are unable to get you into the Board and Train program immediately due to availability this can often be a life-saving short term solution for your dog.  Other situations may also warrant the need for private lessons or group classes prior to the Board and Train start date.  Together, we’ll decide what will help you the most.

Board and Train | In Kennel Training: 3 Phases

The duration of the board and train program is 14-days minimum. While the vast majority (>90%) of the dogs that enter our program require 14-days to complete the training, some dogs will need a longer stay with us.  This breakdown is based on a typical 14-day stay with us.

Diesel Before and After Board and Train

We love training dogs, and teaching their owners how to follow through to achieve lasting results! Contact us to learn if this incredibly powerful program is right for you and your dog.

3 Phases Of The Board And Train Program

Once your dog is at our facility we begin a 3-phase training process with them.

Introduction/ Trust Building Phase (1-2 Days)

Before we begin intensive training with your dog, we always take a moment for your dog to become comfortable with us.

Teaching phase (5-8 Days)

This is the longest of the phases and the most important. We first test your dogs skill level in various areas and then work on anything that requires additional attention.

Enforcement Phase (4-6 Days)

Once your dog has learned the exercises we begin enforcing the commands to ensure reliability for you.

The Turnover Process: We’ll Teach You to Continue the Training

It’s great to train dogs, but if we simply trained your dog and then sent them home to you, our program wouldn’t be complete.  Because of this we have carefully crafted a training program for you too.  The video tutorials, written homework, and the two private lessons are all included in board and train package.

    • Online Video Tutorials
    • One Hour Group Class Lecture Is Now included As An Online Video Tutorial
    • Detailed Literature And Homework
    • 1-Hour Private Lesson When You Pick Up Your Dog
    • 1 Free Follow Up Group Class After You Take Your Dog Home

Board and Train Dog Training Video Tutorials

We worked for years to create our own online training videos that will help you master the skill sets that you need to get the best results with your dog.  Years of experience has shown us that while everyone learns in their own way, most people learn very well by watching a video.  These videos are on our website, and will be available to you while your dog stays with us to help you prepare for their return home, and will remain available to you to help you improve even after your dog comes back home.  Since they’re online, you can watch them anywhere you have an internet connection.

*After listening to our clients requests, the group class lecture is now available exclusively online. This is a great benefit to many of our clients that ship dogs to us, or simply live too far away to travel for that class. You won’t miss a thing!

Written Homework

Within a few days of your dog coming to stay with us, we’ll send you a written homework schedule that will detail the things that you will need to practice with your dog upon returning home.  We encourage owners to work with their dogs for about 5 minutes at a time, a couple of times a day.  The homework goes into great detail about dog psychology, and how to continue using the techniques that we have implemented while the dogs were training with us.

Take Home Private Lesson

Our training wouldn’t be complete without giving you the chance to practice your new skills before taking your dog home with you.
Your private take home lesson gives you the chance to watch us train your dog, so you can see exactly how to work with YOUR dog.  It also begins the process required to transfer leadership back to you.  The unique way that we do this, makes people smile.

After reading and watching all of the course material the most important thing is for you is to take the leash as we coach you through the entire process.  Typically, people walk in a little nervous about messing up their dog’s training.  I promise, if you just try your best, you’ll do great!  Remember that we’re you’re biggest fans, and we want you to succeed.  At the conclusion of the second lesson, you get to take your dog home.

Follow Up Private Lesson

We know from experience that clients have a better success rate when we have the chance to work with them once they have their dogs back home. This follow up session is designed for us to continue to support you and your dog, and ensure that you understand how to follow through with the training.

Most of the time, owners just need to have a little encouragement, and advice how to handle their dog in multiple situations. The focus during the lesson is on problem solving techniques. We want to make sure that we are teaching you to fish, not just feeding you a meal.

We do this by addressing questions and challenges facing you, and applying our proven strategies to solve any dog behavioral or training issue. This provides each owner with real world examples as we coach you directly, instill confidence in you that you can do this, and make sure that you know the proper technique to use in every situation.

Follow Up Phase

After you take your dog home, we continue to partner with you to ensure that you’re progressing.  Our weekly group class or private lessons are a great way for you to continue to work with your dog.  Since dogs are always learning (just like children), it’s important that you continue to challenge them.

Continued training ensures that your dog is getting the most from your relationship. We’ll always continue to make ourselves available to you through email or phone calls to ensure your complete satisfaction at no additional charge.

Here are just a few of the problems we have helped others with:

  • Aggression to dogs
  • Teaching good manners
  • Yard escaping
  • Aggression to humans
  • Improving Confidence
  • Crying in a crate
  • Not coming when called
  • Running out of doors
  • Pulling on lead
  • Puppy Training
  • Basic obedience
  • Excessive Barking
  • Stealing food
  • Jumping on people
  • Eating doors/ walls
  • Mounting
  • Nuisance chewing
  • Shyness / Nervousness
  • Aggression to other pets
  • Nuisance digging
  • Marking
  • Food / toy aggression
  • Separation anxiety

Price of Our Board and Train Program

$150/day with a Minimum 14-Day Stay

A non-refundable deposit of $150.00 is required to reserve a spot in this program.

Payment is due upon picking your dog up from training.

PayPal payment plans are available. Subject to credit approval.

Credit approval with PayPal must be obtained prior to registering your dog for the Board and Train program.

Ask about our Board & Train Packages

Dog Fence Installation and Training: The easy way to train your dog to stay in your yard when they return home.
Canine Good Citizen Certification: We’ll train your dog to pass the CGC and have you test them upon completion of the course
Agility Training: We’ll introduce your dog to agility obstacles to build confidence and drive. This is a lot of fun for your dog.
Scent Work Training: Whether your looking to give your dog a challenge, teach them to be a narcotics detection dog, or a diabetic assistance dog, we can help you reach your goal.