Puppy Training, Private Lessons | Maryland

  • Discount: Receive $25.00 off of our hourly rate
  • Who: Puppies <6 months old
  • How Much: $125.00-$160.00 (see pricing chart)

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Puppy Training Tips – Starting Out Right

Are you bringing a puppy home soon?  We have some great puppy training solutions for you to get you started right.

The CTC offers customized private lessons created for new puppy owners and owners who want to get a head start on training the minute they bring their puppy home. If you live within 10 miles of Columbia, MD, an expert dog trainer from the CTC can meet you at your home prior to your puppy’s arrival, and then begin regularly scheduled puppy training lessons when your puppy comes home with you.

When Should I Start Training My Puppy?

Whether or not you realize it, you are training your puppy from the very first moment that you take them home.  The question is what do you want them to learn?

We’ll help you establish a good foundation with your puppy right from the start. Imagine being empowered to set your puppy up for lots of wins, and prevents mistakes from the very beginning. The result is a better relationship with your best friend.

While not limited to these topics these tend to be the most requested instructional concepts:

  • Puppy Imprinting
  • Tour of home- Safety and Suggestions
  • The core principles of dog obedience training
  • General care and medical information
  • Creating your family’s “Do’s and Don’ts” List- This is a big one!
  • Demonstrate direction and motivation w/ flat collar
  • Demonstrate drive building
  • Demonstrate tethering technique
  • Marker Training (A.K.A. “Clicker Training”)

Please contact us as soon as you begin looking for a dog.  We are almost always booked 2-3 weeks in advance, and we want to make sure we can help you when you need it.