The Canine Training Center Testimonials & Reviews

“The Investment is Well Worth It”

My high-energy, small, 3-year old terrier was transformed by
Andrew’s training (2-week boarding option) at the CTC. A number of
problem behaviors have been addressed, she is much better
adjusted, and the whole family is happier. The investment is
well worth it. Friends and family comment that the improvement is
remarkable. Prior to the training she was out of control and
having potty accidents in the home. Now she is attentive to queues
and directions and reliably performs sit, heel, come, and other
commands. She no longer jumps on people and is no longer
destructive or having accidents in the house. The doggie
cot training by Andrew is a great aspect of the program – we have
placed the cots in several rooms, and she is quite happy to stay
there when commanded. The owner training is extremely valuable,
and Andrew is very patient in answering owner’s questions.
Consistency and follow-up on return home are very important to
ensuring improved behavior is maintained.
– S.E., Columbia, MD

 “We were treated like family!”

I heard about the CTC and Andrew Wildesen from a coworker. I was so
impressed with the results I signed up my 2 1/2 yr old rescue lab.
We were treated like family! Andrew listened to our concerns and requests –
we opted not to use an ecollar and used a cinch collar instead. He worked
with our request and we got back an amazing well behaved dog
-The psychology class was for people only and was informative, simple and a
look into what goes on in our dogs heads! And also what was expected of us
to continue their training after the two weeks
-When we saw our dog for the first time (10 days into training). It was
amazing. She was heeling, sitting, staying and paying attention with little
correction and she was LOVING Andrew
-He teaches with corrections and lots of love.
-He has a great website with pictures so you can check up on your
-He answers all emails and phone calls promptly and answers your questions
no matter how silly!
-Our two training classes with our dog were awesome, we were all learning
-We got back our dog with her happy disposition and her “labness” but all
the difference in the world in her manners.
-I think she really missed Andrew the first few days home
A miracle was performed in the two week period of time as promised.
We would go back to The Canine Training Center with any new dog we get or if
we ever need a place to board our dog, as CTC also does boarding.
-B. Brasso, Columbia, MD

“BEST BEST BEST decision ( did I say best?) I ever made…”

I just want to express how happy I am with my dog’s training at the CTC
with Andrew!  He is quickly on his way to becoming the dog I
always wanted.
After going through several training programs in the area and while I
learned something from them all no one was able to teach me what I
needed most.  Out of desperation I contacted Andrew and my
only regret is I didn’t find him sooner. Andrew is a good listener,
friendly and clearly enjoys dogs.
I needed help with my 140 lb dog’s fear aggression towards new people
excitedly approaching him/ us. Although he had never bitten anyone I
didn’t want to take the chance that he ever would. One bite would have
been one too many for him.
Not only did Andrew show me how to modify the behavior but his
technique helped me in areas I overlooked because I was so focused on
his aggression. I now have a dog who is much calmer in the house,
listens to and obeys commands no matter who they are coming from.
My dog went through CTC’s In Kennel Training Program and
came home a much calmer obedient dog who waits patiently, heels
perfectly,not barking at people who come close  car,not stealing
the children’s food, not fighting with my other male, maintains a
reasonable”sit/stay and “down/stay” and comes back when called!
Two weeks after initial training and my dog is STILL doing exactly what
he is trained  to. He is so much more enjoyable to be around. I
love his calmer demeanor and his confidence in me has allowed him to be
able to meet a few new people without me tensing up, choking up on the
leash and never having a comfortable walk. My boy is still a work in
progress but by following Andrews SIMPLE instructions I can see my boy
only getting more comfortable and better behaved in any situation.
Andrew explains dog psychology, keeps it crystal clear, doesn’t
give you a bunch of commands to remember and shows you exactly what to
do to continue success at home. He keeps it sooo simple, and
simple WORKS.
Thanks to the CTC I look forward to taking walks with my boy and
showing off his obedience.My confidence in controlling him in public is
100% better. My boy came home better behaved than I expected. BEST BEST
BEST decision ( did I say best?) I ever made was contacting CTC. I am
so satisfied I am sending my female dog through his In Kennel Training.
I only wish I had found him sooner
– T. Hamlin, Sykesville, MD

“The only thing that has changed is that he now has manners!!!”

There are few words I can think to adequately express our gratitude for the work
that Andrew with The CanineTraining Center has done with Duncan, our 10
month-old Golden Retriever. I first found Andrew via facebook. A friend had “liked”
The Canine Training Center page. I made an appointment
with Andrew for the free consultation and knew immediately after meeting
with him that we would be training with him. Andrew’s love
for dogs is obvious and his passion for training them is
even more so. Not only is Andrew great with the dogs themselves but he is
also very personable making him very easy to talk to about
training. He is always eager to answer any and all
questions during the entire training process – before
training begins, during training and even
after making himself available via phone and email. We started first with
the group classes and
we graduated with Duncan being able to do
the basics…sit, down, come, stay, wait. We were so pleased with these
results that we decided to take it a step further and send Duncan to the
IKT (In Kennel Training) program. Duncan is quite “stubborn”! I knew he was
trainable but also knew that he would better benefit from a more focused
training…something that I, a working mom of 3 kids, could not find the
time to do. Dropping Duncan at training and leaving him for 2 weeks was so
hard. I cried when I left him (and I thank Andrew for being sensitive to
that!) At the end of 2 weeks after 2 private training sessions with Andrew
and Duncan (where Andrew handed over the reins) I took Duncan home and
continued our training. That was where the real fun began! The change in
Duncan’s behavior is AMAZING to say the least! It is a blast now to take my
dog out. Walking him is a joy where before it was painful – literally. He
would nearly pull my arm out of the socket while walking! No more does that
happen! Duncan comes when calls, heels like a champ (my 7 year-old can now
walk him with a “loose leash” around the neighborhood and he weighs more
than she does! That is so cool to watch!) Duncan is just a pure joy! And,
finally to those who may have concerns about getting a “different” dog back
after training I say “no worries’!! Duncan is still the same, goofy golden
retriever. He still runs for the freezer when he hears it open and now sits
patiently waiting for his ice cube “treat”. He still turns over for belly
rubs! The only thing that has changed is that he now has manners!!! And, he
now has added one more person to the list of those who love him! No one
will show your dog more patience and love than Andrew with The Canine
Kim K., Columbia, MD

“The CTC has given my family a real gift.”

Even several years after his initial IKT (aka Board and
Train), Tucker is still so well behaved. I’ve never owned a dog before
whose company was ALWAYS a pleasure like his is. I’m so proud of him and
absolutely love showing him off and bragging about him. Everywhere Tucker
and I go together people comment on how extraordinary he is. Even his
veterinarian is amazed that a dog of his size and energy level is one of
her best patients. The CTC has given my family a real gift; I’m even
convinced that his good behavior has been a positive influence on my
– Brian R., Woodbine, MD

“…a great rapport with both dog and owner.”

INCREDIBLE! AMAZING!  What a difference 2 weeks made when our
16-month old energetic yellow lab went to Andrew’s in-kennel training
program! The transformation was stunning. The dog who came home was both
more confident and obedient, but as important, retained her lively
personality. I had interviewed many trainers before Andrew, and until I
spoke to him, I had not found someone who had a great rapport with both dog
and owner. Andrew brings unbridled enthusiasm, combined with knowledge,
patience and kindness, to his dog training program, and his love and
respect for dogs is obvious from the moment one meets him. Our lab, who was
very attached to me, adored Andrew from the start. In fact, I was a little
disappointed that after being away from home for almost 2 weeks, the dog
happily trotted away with Andrew and did not even look back after my first
lesson with the dog a day before her return home. From the moment we picked
our lab up after her training, it was apparent that Andrew had taught her
that humans were her pack leaders and that she looked to us for guidance
and direction. Despite owning 4 dogs in the past, we had not previously
used the services of a professional. What a mistake! After
this experience, I would immediately bring a new puppy to Andrew to avoid
well-intentioned mistakes and frustration (both to dog and owner). It was
well worth the time and expense! Our dog now knows what we expect from her
and is eager to please. We are grateful that post-training, Andrew is
readily available to answer questions that arise, and we look forward to
more advanced training in the future. Andrew’s services are a gift to dogs
and the people who love them.

Karen Z., Columbia, MD


“…he just does exactly what he’s supposed to.”

Andrew, I just wanted to take a minute and write you to thank you. Jasper
is AMAZING. He is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. We’ve been taking
family walks together, all of us with him, and he just does exactly what
he’s supposed to. All of my friends and our neighbors are just amazed with
how good he is. We keep hearing things like, “I wish my dog behaved like
that!” and “I can’t believe he’s so young, and already trained so well!”
and (this one is my favorite) “Now I want a dog!” Haha. Training with you
was the best decision we could have made. He stays in a calm “down” command
for as long as we leave him, and my toddlers are able to pet and love on
him, which he LOVES. All the kids adore him, especially Alex. He already
knows that she is “his girl”. He watches every move she makes, waiting for
her to give him a command, and responds to each command she gives. We are
SO happy with him. I think I knew we were going to come home to a pretty
well behaved puppy, but goodness, he’s just perfect. We’ve been doing our
best to continue the training with all the wonderful advice you’ve given us
during his pre IKT training sessions, and the post. I appreciate you
working with him, and with us so so much. Thank you for working around our
vacation schedule, and helping to make our dream of having a wonderful dog
a reality. I’ve given a few people your information, and will continue to
advertise you to anyone and everyone who sees and asks about Jasper. I do
hope maybe it will eventually bring some more business your way. Again,
thank you SO SO much. Have a blessed day.
– Elizabeth A., Fort Meade, MD

“The bonus is how successful Andrew is in training us.”

Within a very short visit, we knew that Andrew and Sandy were a good
match. Andrew’s sensitive approach to canine training is very effective. He
is firm, yet loving. Sandy responded with her usual desire to please and a
quick understanding of what is expected of her. The bonus is how successful
Andrew is in training us. He assesses the owners and makes adjustments
along the way to help everyone feel really comfortable while their pet is
learning and growing.
– Mary and Earl, Columbia, MD

“I knew I had made the right decision.”

When I was at a loss for an effective training technique, after trying the
usual methods and longing for a well-behaved dog that I could control and
feel confident walking, Andrew was recommended. Thus began a wonderful
journey of releasing my 180 lb English Mastiff to Andrew’s confident and
capable care for two weeks. I missed her immensely but knew she was under
the care of someone who truly loved dogs and had a fantastic training
technique and demeanor. I was very impressed with his quiet confident
nature and vast knowledge of dogs and their body language. After I returned
to pick her up, I knew I had made the right decision. Before going to
Andrew, Nellie was very shy and scared of all noises. She would not want to
leave the property and would want to run home on our walks and with her
weight, she would win. I could no longer control her because of her weight
and she was beginning to think she was the queen of the house, yard and our
other dog. Andrew taught her the basic commands of come, sit, down, stay,
free and what was more exhilarating to me, she walked beside me with
confidence and listened immediately to a command. I could tell she had
grown fond of Andrew with the longing glances back to him for her
confidence. As I was taught by Andrew to take control with the proper
techniques she had already learned, I also became confident and Nellie
became confident in our partnership. The money spent was MORE than worth
the many many many hours of pleasure we share together now.I now am so
grateful that Nellie has a loving place to stay when we
vacation and I know she is adored and cared for as I would. Andrew is not
only a wonderful trainer, but a person of character and a true
professional. We had her kenneled with him for a week long cruise in
February and then the blizzards hit and we were stranded in Puerto Rico.
Andrew graciously agreed to keep her until we could get home, WHICH WAS
ANOTHER WEEK! It is difficult to find a place for a large breed dog that
can accommodate the breed and appreciate and love them at the same
time.Nellie now listens immediately without the equipment even on. We take
long walks and still do some showing off when people are watching. She
stops and sits next to me and does all commands promptly – well, as
promptly as a Mastiff does things. She is a pleasure thanks to Andrew and
she knows she will be well cared for and loved with us and at the Canine
Training Center for the rest of her life.
-Denise T., Finksburg, MD

“There aren’t enough stars in the sky…”

Zillions Stars……I am in awe of Andrew’s ability and knowledge of dogs.
I first met Andrew early Oct 2009 after falling in love with a dog at the
Howard Count Pound. A beautiful, loving dog with a huge square face and
very very solid. Turned out I fell in love with an American Pit Bull, Coco
is her name, she sat on my foot, leaned against my leg and looked up at me
and the eyes said take me home. Well, knowing nothing about pit bulls
except of all the bad stuff everyone hears in the news thought, Coco must
be different and home she came!!!!! That was on a Saturday and by the next
Saturday, Coco and I were meeting with That was on a Saturday and by the
next Saturday, Coco and I were meeting with Andrew. It appears that CoCo
may have been a fighting pit and was quickly taking control on the home
front. I like to say that CoCo was in “rehab” with Andrew for 3 weeks. She
wears an electric collar. At first, I wasn’t sure about the electric collar
but during one of our first classes she showed me her full fighting stance
and strength. That moment is etched in my mind and Andrews calm voice
asking for the leash and oh yes the control……here Andrew, I’m still new
at this!!!!!! That was back in 2009 and here it is seven months later and
CoCo is doing wonderful, will always wear the collar, we continue to go to
weekly classes and I continue to learn. Andrew has been so patient with me,
I laugh to myself sometimes……sure CoCo gets to wear the collar to be
reminded……sure the dogs get it, it’s us adults that have the difficult
task of trying to remember. CoCo is the most gentle dog when we are
together or when she and I go for a walk. I can’t thank Andrew enough for
how he has helped CoCo. There aren’t enough stars in the sky to rate
Andrew’s skill in training. An amazing person, with a wonderful love of
– Karen M. Ellicott City, MD

“…proving she was a very smart dog, indeed.”

We had begun to wonder whether our Golden/Yellow Labrador retriever was not
too bright, chronically stubborn, or too smart. One minute into Andrew’s
training program and she was paying attention and proving she was a very
smart dog, indeed. Andrew carefully taught us how to implement the program.
Our biggest worry is a busy road with dogs on the other side that tempt her
to cross. Now she is trained to stay on her side. We are very pleased
because she has much more freedom than she would have had with an invisible
fence and is one extremely happy dog.
– Ken & Ellen N. Glenelg, MD

“…they are so much easier to control.”

Andrew, Nika and Kaya are doing well. The dogs come when called, sit and
down on command and walk so much better. I have taken them both out for
walks which I would never have done in the past. When I take them out in
public they are so much easier to control. People have commented in the
Vet’s office how well behaved they are now. You are a professional at what
you do, and you just need to get the word out about your services, at which
point I’ll have to wait for months for you to train our next dog!
Jen H. Centreville, MD

“Everyone in our house refers to you as the miracle worker!”

Andrew, I just wanted to let you know that things are going really, really,
really well! I’ve been able to let him off the leash to go into the woods
as you had been doing. This morning I had him sit on the coffee table for
his shot, it was the first time in over a year that I didn’t need someone
to hold him for me. Teddy is great! I’ve started letting him off the leash
to go to the bathroom, so far so good. I’m keeping the ball and controlling
when and for how long he and Tobias play. It works much better that way!
Tuesday night they were playing and Teddy actually dropped the ball at
Adam’s feet 4 times for Adam to throw it!!! He still has a long way to go
with Adam but there is some progress. About crating – I’m amazed at how
easily they’ve taken to it. They’re in the crates whenever I’m not home,
when we eat dinner and for sleeping. Beau apparently likes the crate so
much that if Teddy is too slow, Beau will get into his crate. Teddy, on the
other hand, doesn’t want to go into Beau’s crate. Everyone in our house
refers to you as the miracle worker!
– Barbara T. Columbia, MD

“Thank you for whatever you did to create this turn around!”

Andrew, Just wanted you to know Coale is doing great! People have stopped
and commented on his new behavior. He hasn’t tried to snap at us once and I
even tripped over him today, caused some pain I’m sure! I’ve walked him in
the yard without a lead and he stayed with me. Thank you for whatever you
did to create this turn around!
– Connie M., Centreville, MD

“…a wonderful job training our dog.”

Andrew did a wonderful job training our dog. His initial training with our
dog started her off in the right direction, and then he taught my wife and
I how to follow through so we could continue the process. The training has
made our dog a much more delightful companion. I can highly recommend
– Jeffery P., Columbia, MD

“I would highly recommend Andrew and CTC for any dog owners!!”

The first and last trainer you and your dog will ever need!! As a first
time dog owner, I was certain my dog needed to be trained but wasn’t sure
how to get started. I was ecstatic to discover Andrew and the Canine
Training Center!! Andrew’s training techniques provided my dog with the
skills to learn and provided me with the skills to implement commands
successfully and consistently. I would highly recommend Andrew and CTC for
any dog owners!!
– Krysta H., Columbia, MD

“It has been such a pleasure working with Andrew.”

We have a 12-week-old chocolate lab that has attended several classes with
CTC and Andrew Wildesen. It has been such a pleasure working with Andrew.
He is very easy to talk to and always has a great way of explaining things
so that we understand why we are doing the training a certain way. Already,
with only a few classes, I feel very confident that Bode will exceed my
expectations. My husband and I look forward to working more with Andrew in
the upcoming years.
– Kate W., Belair, MD

“…Cal is still the loving and friendly, super playful pup…”

We have an 80 pound black lab, which we got as a puppy. From day 1, we
began our own training with Callahan, such as sit, down, stay, heel and
off/take. The CTC was recommended to us as a way to formalize the training
we had already started, since an 80-pound puppy can be a bit of a handful.
Andrew was very friendly and we were very impressed by his well-behaved
dogs. We were very hesitant going in about the use of the “shock collar”
and that such a rigorous training program (the two week in kennel training)
would change the demeanor of our loving and playful pup. Though we’re glad
Andrew was the one to do the initial shock collar training, he taught us
the proper way to use it and we see the benefits, though Callahan is now so
well behaved we use it mostly as a reminder (putting on the collar, but
rarely sending “shocks”). Also, Cal is still the loving and friendly, super
playful pup – only now he listens all the time! We are constantly receiving
compliments on how well behaved our dog is, and we have Andrew and the CTC
to thank. We were also impressed with Andrew’s time spent with us, the
owners, to teach us how to continue Callahan’s training at home, and his
availability to answer any and all questions we have. We highly recommend
Andrew and the CTC – best money we ever spent for our dog!
-Anne C., Baltimore, MD

“The change in my doggie family has been like night and day!!”

The CTC and Andrew Wildesen were recommended to me by a friend whose dogs I
noticed were very well behaved both on and off lead. I was hoping to get
even a small measure of the success she was having with her dogs. I took my
two larger dogs to meet Andrew. We decided that IKT (In Kennel Training)
was best for Kurmet, my new, younger dog who had never received any form of
training. I wondered if I had someone else train my dog, how he would learn
to listen to me. I didn’t have to worry about that because at the end of
the IKT program, Andrew taught ME how to continue to train Kurmet! I
started to apply those same techniques with Barney, my older, previously
trained dog and I noticed a big improvement in him. In a few months, as
Kurmet got older, unfortunately, he and Barney started to have male
dominance issues. They were having fights that were so bad, I thought I
would need to give Kurmet back to the rescue organization. Around the same
time, CTC started their group classes. Andrew suggested that my daughter
and I began attending these classes with both dogs and we did additional
exercises as Andrew directed. Barney and Kurmet now play together, lay on
the same doggie mattress, and drink water from the same dish at the same
time! Things I would never have fathomed before. Most recently, I was
preparing to go on a trip out of the country and would be leaving my dogs
with my father. Kurmet, however, was very afraid of him. He would bark and
look as if he were going to attack him! Once again, Andrew came to our
rescue. My father attended one class with us and Andrew gave us some things
to do at home. Two weeks later, my father was caring for all three dogs
with no problems! The change in my doggie family has been like night and
day!! I appreciate all of the help that Andrew has given me. All of my dogs
are much more well behaved and therefore very happy. I’ve learned to trust
the process and apply the things he has taught me to various situations as
they arise. This is the first training program with which I have been so
impressed that I can 100% say I would enroll any future dogs!
-Cara, human mommy to Princess, Barney, and Kurmet, Columbia, MD

“…and is now a joy to take walking in the park.”

Andrew is amazing. He worked wonders with our 8 yr old beagle/jack Russell
that barked at every dog no matter how big or small. She would bark
uncontrollably and was quite embarrassing in public. She wouldn’t listen
and would pull on the leash until she nearly choked herself. Now, she
doesn’t jump up on people, but waits to be pet. She responds to commands
readily and is now a joy to take walking in the park. Aside from the
occasional Great Dane, she pretty much ignores other dogs and doesn’t bark
at them. Thanks Andrew, my husband and I are forever grateful!
-Cheryl C., Ellicott City, MD

“I now owe a beautiful happy dog that is well mannered.”

I have always admired other people’s well-behaved dogs. But after meeting
Andrew and getting a recommendation from Club Pooche, I enrolled Winston in
two weeks of IKT. I was concerned that the electronic collar would be cruel
– totally false. And my concerns that the training would breaks the dog’s
spirit was equally unfounded. I now owe a beautiful happy dog that is well
mannered. Winston turns heads with the wonderful way he listens, heels and
is even beginning to walk off leash.
-Carol R., Columbia, MD

“…we understand the principles needed to keep Ivan on track and well behaved.”

I first located the CTC by digging around on Google but didn’t actually
call until I also received a spontaneous recommendation from the owner of
Club Pooche. So glad we did! Our Mini Bull Terrier puppy, Ivan underwent
two weeks IKT and has been attending follow up training with them, too.
Andrew and the CTC have not only produced an amazing change in our little
guy but he’s helped “train” our family, as well. We feel comfortable that
we understand the principles needed to keep Ivan on track and well behaved.
Ivan adores Andrew and we truly appreciate the open and flexible
support/coaching he’s given us. We unreservedly recommend the CTC to any
– Wade P., Columbia, MD

“Our neighbors are amazed at the change.”

The CTC is excellent. Fleury came to us in November after being rescued. He
had habits of jumping and nipping at people and pulling on the leash. He
spent two weeks with Andrew and what a difference. He is a pleasure to walk
and no longer is jumping or nipping at people. We also attend the weekly
sessions. I have certainly learned how to modify my behavior :). Our
neighbors are amazed at the change. All of us (that includes Fleury) are
happy with the results. Andrew is just fantastic.
– Janet R., Columbia, MD

“…uncontrollable to the most obedient dog I have ever seen.”

The CTC did excellent job in training my dog, Dexter. He went from being
nearly uncontrollable to the most obedient dog I have ever seen. The 2-week
training regimen went beyond surface-level obedience and really made him
into a member of the family. All this, and the price was half as much as
anywhere else I looked!
– Matt B., Columbia, MD

“Don’t give up on your dog.  Call CTC…”

We adopted a husky mix from the humane shelter.  After two months
we thought we had made a big mistake.  I have rheumatoid arthritis
and walking Addy (being pulled down the street) was a challenge.
In addition, she was aggressive to other dogs and once with my
husband.  We didn’t want to give up and felt we owed her to make
this work.  Dogs don’t come with operating manuals and even if
they did each dog has its own personality.  In the case of a
shelter dog like Addy, their prior environment affects the dog’s
reactions.  We also realized that it was most likely operator
error that our tone or actions with Addy needed to be improved.
That’s when I decided to look for a trainer.  I found The Canine
Training Center (CTC).  After an evaluation we decided to have
private lessons.  We were matched with “E”!  What a
wonderful, positive, helpful, instructive trainer.  She helped so
much.  Addy loved her and can’t thank her enough for what she gave
us.  After the first session I could walk Addy without any
pulling.  Over the next few weeks she helped us with how to handle
situations around other dogs.  She helped me become more confident
and relaxed with Addy.  We worked on gaining Addy’s respect and
reassuring her everything was ok.  There is a night and day
difference.  Addy is more relaxed around us and other dogs.
Don’t give up on your dog.  Call CTC and get the TLC you need to
enjoy your dog and have them be a part of your family.
-Jane, Murray and Addy, Columbia, MD

“Now taking him for a walk is a pleasure.”

Our one year old miniature schnauzer was in desperate need of obedience
training. He had previously been owned by our daughter who did not attempt
any type of training. He was very aggressive towards other dogs, would
never come when we called him and was generally stubborn.  Taking him
for a walk was no picnic. He pulled on the leash so much it was if he was
walking me. When we would come across another dog, there was no controlling
our schnauzer. Andrew the owner of CTC was recommended by our neighbor who
had used him for private training sessions. We chose to register our dog
into the 2 week “Board and Train” program as we didn’t think private
lessons were going to be enough. Let me just say that when it was time to
retrieve him he was a different dog. Andrew worked with us before we
brought him home as we also needed some training on how to handle
him…basic dos and don’ts and tips on how to reinforce what our dog had
learned. Now taking him for a walk is a pleasure. He sits patiently at the
door prior to our walks and doesn’t move until I give him the command. Now
I walk him instead of the other way around. Andrew is a very good trainer
and very accommodating. He always followed up to see how we were
In reference to installation of the fencing system, it included all
equipment needed, 3 training lessons, plus the collar is rechargeable
(rather having to periodically purchase new batteries). Andrew did the work
and the training himself.
D. Broyles, Silver Spring, MD