Positive Motivation Dog Training Group Class

Positive Motivation Group Dog Training Class

Cost: $200.00

Length: 6 Weeks

60-Minute Sessions

Group Level One Positive Motivation Course Description

The Canine Training Center was built around core dog training concepts that are used to train working dogs.  Your dog wants to learn.  Your dog wants to please you. Your dog wants boundaries.

We want to teach you how to give your dog what what they want.

This class will teach you how your dog thinks, how they learn, and how to motivate your dog to work for  you.  From the very beginning class you’re going to notice a difference between this class, and other dog training centers.  Our first dog training class is a lecture conducted without dogs to give us a non-distracted learning environment.  Imagine stepping into the class for the first time with your dog, and you’re already equipped with knowledge and tools that will help you be successful.

The remaining five classes will challenge you to see a world through your dogs eyes.  To understand what drives them, what motivates them, and how you can capture these things to develop a bond that ensures that they want to work for you.

Dog Training Positive Motivation Class Goals

  1. Communication: Dogs can’t see the world through your eyes. See it through their eyes, and use effective communication techniques.
  2. Educational Development: Teach your dog how to learn.
  3. Problem Solve: Discover the origins of a dog training problem, and create a solution.

Positively Educational

We start by teaching you all of the basics first like “Watch”, “Sit”, “Down”, “Come”, “Stay”, and more. As you continue to improve your training skills, we progress to fun advanced lessons such as teaching your dog to close a door, how to turn on a light switch, and teaching your dog to find your keys or a remote.

When you understand how to teach your dog to find your lost keys, getting them to hold a sit stay won’t seem so challenging.

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