Puppy Kindergarten Group Class

Cost: $120

Length: 4 Classes

*Puppies must be between 10-20 weeks old when they start this class.*

So you finally have that puppy that you’ve been dreaming about. Congratulations!

Now is the time when you want to get started teaching them all of the things that you need them to know. Boundaries, basic communication, to be confident in any situation, and to want to work for you.

We first started our careers training working dogs. The most important thing that we discovered, was that you need to start shaping new skills and behaviors as early as possible. Exposing your puppy other puppies, people, and environments is crucial to their developmental process.

It’s not enough just to place them into a situation with your neighbors dog who seems friendly. A puppy needs repeated exposure to varied pictures to help them understand that they are safe, and that another dog or person is nothing to fear.

Start training your puppy as soon as you can… You’ll thank yourself in the years that follow.

Additional Group Classes