Feisty Fidos in Columbia, MD

Semi-Private Session: $50.00

5-Sessions: $200.00

60-Minute Sessions

Dog Training for Aggressive and Reactive Dogs

It’s not easy to find a place to train a reactive dog where you can feel safe, confident, and not be judged for having a dog that reacts at the sight of other dogs.  If you’re nodding your head, you just found your new home for dog training.

We have loved and helped many dogs that simply needed a chance to work through issues of confidence, fear, and self-fulfilling prophecies that reinforce their aggressive habits.

Prerequisite Information

Safety comes first.  Before a client is allowed into this class they must complete prerequisite training in the form of private lessons or the Board and Train program.  If you believe that you have the ability to keep your dog under control in a close classroom environment, you will need to complete an evaluation prior to entering the class.

It’s our job to help you, help your reactive dog.  We love our job!

Additional Group Classes