5 Favorite Dog Toys

Whether they are tearing it to pieces or just throwing it around the house, it’s great fun to watch your dog enjoy a new toy.  Here’s a list of favorites, dog tested owner approved.

Durable tough dog toy that has proven itself virtually indestructible.  Kong has many great products, current favorites are the Extreme Kong and the Kong Ball.

Nina Ottosson-DogTornado Plastic
Nina Ottosson has a product line full of problem solving toys for dogs.  Current favorite is the DogTornado Plastic, makes a game out of treat/meal time.  Check out the video on how it works!




Nylabone Big Chew
The Nylabone Big Chew (large dogs) products are made of the toughest nylon Nylabone creates.  It withstands even the most enthusiastic chewers.





Buster Cube

Place kibble into the cube and watch your dog roll it around to release the treats.  Great source of mental stimulation and a fun way to keep an otherwise bored dog occupied.





Nearly indestructible and floatable, this toy comes with a guarantee and a “Chew Toy Safety Indicator.”

What toy does your dog go crazy for?


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