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Never Use Puppy Potty Pads… Ever

It happened again today… I received a frantic call from a new puppy owner that has grown weary of her dog using the bathroom in the house. This is probably the most frustrating dog training issue for any owner. If you’re reading this, and you’ve experienced this problem, you’re nodding your head right now.

Do Dogs Feel Guilty?

If a dog is scolded when it’s owner returns home after the dog tears through a trash bag, the dog is very likely to act remorsefully the next time the owner comes home and finds trash strewn about the home.

What is the Best Type of Dog Training?

An email from a recent client posed this question: “With endless conflicting advice about dog training on the internet, how am I supposed to know which dog trainers I can trust?  What is the best type of dog training?“ When pet owners search the internet for solutions to their dog training problems, they are greeted […]

How Does a Dog Track a Missing Person?

The last time I wrote, I discussed  the amazing talent of the canine nose. With such a powerful tool, it is no doubt that dogs are invaluable Search and Rescue workers. What is a Search dog? Simply, a search dog is trained to locate missing people. They perform these tasks in the wilderness, avalanches, disasters, […]

What Can a Dog Smell?

My daughter has an imaginary friend, as many 5 year olds do.  This imaginary friend happens to be a talking dog.  They chat about things like mermaids and unicorns and such.  Though a bit far-fetched, it got me imagining what a real conversation with a dog might be like. It may go something like this: […]