Doberman Pictures: Humor

Our dogs are always there for us.  They never falter to stand by our side and make us smile with the curious things that they do.  They never judge us or make us feel unimportant.  This blog is dedicated to those funny little things dogs do that never fail to make our day.  Tribute to the Doberman: Lola.


This is how a Doberman gets comfortable
….now I know my A..B..C’s, next time won’t you sing with me?
What? Don’t all tough dogs curl their feet under them when they lie down?
Mommy I love you; therefore I must hug you when we cuddle. Hold me…
Watch carefully, A true lady crosses her legs.
I even watch television, just like Daddy.
Fetal position, I so vicious.
It’s so shameful being a Doberman.
Strike a pose!!!  Vogue…
Behavior modification
Coolness is in the eye of the sunglasses.  I AM cool.
Not a Doberman but…
The Poodle Pedicure, coming to a store near you!!!
HAHAHA, hope you enjoyed my collection of photographs.  I can assure you that there will be many more added to my collection in the future.

What hysterical thing does your dog do and do you have a photo that you want to share?
Until next week!!! *Johanna*
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