Extreme Dog: The Arnold Schwarzenegger of Whippets?!

Six pack abs, buns of steel and chiseled thighs…generally not the first things that come to mind when thinking of the elegant Whippet breed.

But like much of the crazy things this world produces, some Whippets have a rare genetic mutation that causes double the muscle and makes these dogs appear as if they came out of the womb holding dumbbells.

These genetically mutated dogs are known as Bully Whippets, not due to their temperaments but due to their sheer mass and size.  The most famous of these dogs is Wendy…nicknamed the Arnold Schwarzenegger of dogs.

The average non-racing Whippet weighs 22 pounds, the normal Whippet weighs 35 pounds but Wendy weighs in at an astounding 65 pounds!!

While I was unable to locate a picture of young Wendy, Wendy’s owner says that the genetic mutation was apparent from day one.  Making Wendy, a sight to behold.

This dog is beautiful in her own way.

What do you think of Wendy, weird or beautiful?


Source: http://animal.discovery.com/videos/most-outrageous-wendy-the-whippet.html
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