How to help your dog cope with loss in a multi-pet household, in loving memory of Tiara.

On June 9, 2011, Tiara, dog of Angie Rever (The CTC’s Apprentice Trainer/Facebook Contributor) passed away at the age of 11.5.

Tiara was the perfect dog….dependable in all situations; social, even tempered and sweet as they come.  She was an awesome addition to any environment and she was Angie’s best friend, ever present in her travels.

While the pain of loss lingers still, there is joy in knowing that Tiara is no longer limited by the constraints of her physical body.  I’m sure that she is now jumping, playing and chasing squirrels, waiting for the day that she is reunited with her family.

Tiara leaves behind a beautiful human and animal family.


How can you help your dog cope with the loss of a pet?

  1. Stick to your normal routine; dogs thrive on routine (Ron Hines DVM Ph.D).

  2. Do not coddle when your pet is sad, instead, do something to get their mind off of it and use lots of praise once they are partaking in that new behavior.  For instance, does your dog find a ball to be irresistible?  Cheer him up by offering to play ball and use lots of praise as you play together.

  3. Wait a month or two before obtaining a new pet (Ron Hines DVM Ph.D).

  4. Do not allow people to try to obtain a reaction from your dog by calling the deceased pets name.

  5. Concentrate on relieving your own stress because these emotions can rub off on your pet.

The CTC offers it’s condolences to the family of Tiara, her memory will forever live on in our hearts.




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