The Misunderstood Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a revered breed that is known for its viciousness and frightening appearance but honestly, is this reputation deserved?

Lola and one of her best friends

Being a Doberman owner, I have fallen victim to people’s automatic judgments of the breed.  Here are a few of the MYTHS that I’ve personally been told:

  1. Be careful, Dobermans go for the throat.

  2. Don’t let her taste blood because she will like it and become a biter.

  3. Their brain never stops growing and it causes them to turn on their owner.

  4. They don’t see very well in the dark and well…it causes them to turn on their owner.

While naturally protective, the Doberman Pinscher is not innately vicious.  They are not the ferocious dogs that are portrayed in the movies, ready to pounce and attack the closest innocent and unsuspecting victim.  Any dog can be made vicious but with the proper training, love and socialization, a Doberman is not any more inclined to viciousness than any other breed.  A Doberman will not attack unless they truly feel that their territory or family is in danger.

The true Doberman is a lover with loads of enthusiasm.  They don’t ask for attention, they demand it.  They are goofy and are guaranteed to make you laugh.  Dobermans are as family dedicated as dogs come, they are tremendously loyal and love to cuddle…yes, Dobermans (those seemingly scary looking devil resembling dogs) are serious CUDDLE BUGS!  They are with you at ALL times, following you from room to room (Velcro Dog).

These dogs are NOT for everyone, don’t purchase one without doing your research first.  Make sure that you purchase your Doberman from a responsible breeder whose goal is to better the breed.  Pay close attention to your Dobermans bloodlines before purchasing.

Dobermans can be dangerous if not properly trained and socialized; therefore, owning a Doberman comes with great responsibility and it is not to be taken lightly.  In my opinion, they are by far one of the most satisfying but difficult breeds to own.  They have the intelligence and most importantly, the motivation to outsmart you.  They are extremely sensitive dogs and can be unruly in the hands of an inexperienced handler (they will take over if they do not feel you are up for the role).

I enjoy proving people wrong and I have invited fearful family members to come meet Lola because I know that I will have the satisfaction of seeing how much they end up loving her.  I have convinced fearful family members to pull Lola’s ear, touch her paw, step over her while she is in a down stay and to their disbelief, my Lola couldn’t care less.  She really is an awesome dog and I, I am a proud dog Mommy ever ready to show her off.

So go ahead, get to know a Doberman, I dare ya :).

Have you had the chance to meet a Doberman or do you think this breed is as mean as their reputation says?

Lola’s brother RJ with his best friend


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