Top 5 things to train your dog

Whether you are bringing a new dog home or currently own a dog.  You will face various challenges throughout his life that will benefit from training.  Out of the many commands that you can teach a dog, these commands are the foundation of every well trained dog.

1. Come (recall)

The come command is one of the most important commands you can train your dog.  It is a life saver.  The come command can be used when your dog accidentally exits the house unleashed or when your dog is about to run up to a strange dog.  A dog with a very good recall is a more trustworthy companion.

2. Sit
The sit command is an essential building block to advanced obedience commands.  You can tell your dog to sit before he eats, sit before a stranger pets him or sit if he is jumping at the window barking.  A dog who has been taught to sit properly, will stay seated until the handler releases him (okay or free).

3. Down
Down is another vital command to know before more complicated obedience commands can be taught.  You can tell your dog to down when traveling in the car or down when you want him to stop pacing around the house.  Like the sit command, a dog with a solid down will stay in the down position until the handler releases him.

4. Heel
The heel command is when a dog is paying attention to the handler and walking beside the handler so that the dog’s shoulder is parallel to the handler’s left leg.  A dog who is in the correct heel position but not paying attention to the handler is not heeling properly.  The heel command is what allows dog and owner to take a peaceful walk together.



5. Place
“Place” is any mat or defined place that the dog must go and lie down on.  You can tell your dog to place into his crate or place onto a rug.  This command can be used when cooking, eating or when a visitor is at the door.  The dog is to place until you release him.

What is the most important command you’ve taught your dog?


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