6 Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks Holistically

The saying, “prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” is an understatement when discussing those pesky creatures that we call Fleas and Ticks.  Not only are they the ultimate pests but they can cause serious health problems and are not to be taken lightly.  How can you prevent Fleas and Ticks holistically?  Read on…

  1. Maintain a good immune system- For an unknown reason, Dogs who are immunocompromised make a more welcome target to Fleas and other parasites/pests.  Keep your dogs immune system at its peak by feeding a whole-food (preferably organic certified) and nutritionally complete diet.  This means to stay away from the junk food grocery store brands and look for a healthier all natural food.

  2. Daily check with a Flea and Tick Comb- Regular grooming with a specifically designed Flea and Tick Comb is very helpful.  It is vital to use these combs to locate ticks so that they can be removed immediately.  The Deer Tick must feed for >36 hours before it can transmit Lyme Disease.

  3. Diatomaceous Earth–  To insects DE is lethal, it cuts through the insect’s exoskeleton (including Fleas and Ticks) and drys it out.  It also kills the insect if ingested.  It’s important to note that not only will it kill fleas but it kills larvae too!  DE is a super fine powder consists of fossilized microscopic sea creatures and is harmless to you and your pet.  Rub the dust onto your dog’s fur.  Focus on the back, entire tail, neck and ears.  This is a multipurpose product that can also be used in the house and yard.

  4. Use a homemade spritz repellent- Spritz your dog with a floral scented shampoo or hand soap that has been diluted in warm water.  Rub this concoction into the fur and ear-tips and let it air dry.  Slice a lemon and put it in a cup of boiling water, then leave it to stand overnight.  Rub this potion into your dog’s fur to repel fleas and other insects.  There are many sprays that can be made to repel bugs, find more by going to this website.

  5. Add a natural repellent to dog food- Brewers yeast and garlic are the best natural repellents (to Fleas and Ticks) that can be added to food.  For convenience, it is marketed in pill form and is available at health stores and some veterinarians.

  6. Release the Nematodes!- A small worm called a Nematode is a natural predator for flea eggs and larvae.  These Nematodes can be purchased and released into your yard to combat the flea population.

Do you prefer holistic or traditional medicine when preventing Fleas and Ticks?


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