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Doberman Pictures: Humor

Our dogs are always there for us.  They never falter to stand by our side and make us smile with the curious things that they do.  They never judge us or make us feel unimportant.  This blog is dedicated to those funny little things dogs do that never fail to make our day.  Tribute to […]

Treadmills and Dogs: My Experience

  When finding a new exercise regimen for your pooch, always take into account your dog’s health, breed, individual exercise requirements and discuss it with your vet.   Treadmills are a phenomenal supplement to a dogs exercise program.  When I first got my Doberman Pinscher Lola, I truly believed that I would be able to […]

Introducing the CTC Blog!

It is with great pleasure that I present to you the Canine Training Center’s Blog written by me, Johanna.  Working for the CTC has been a very rewarding experience; I got to meet many great people and their adorable dogs.  I miss each of them and hope that I will get the chance to work […]