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Who is smarter, Cats vs Dogs?

Yep, I went there and apparently, I am a brave soul.  The question of canine versus feline intelligence has been a battle viciously fought by animal lovers everywhere.  The bell has rung, let the battle begin!!!! According to one study ran by Dr. Britta Osthaus, of England’s Canterbury Christ Church University, dogs are the smarter […]

5 Dog Safety Tips for 4th of July

5 Dog Safety Tips for the 4th of July Patriotism, family, friends and fire…an awesome combination indeed.  While the Fourth of July may be our Independence Day, it is also a favorite American pastime that many of us will share with our pets.  Remember these ASPCA tips while you partake in the festivities. Refrain from […]

The Misunderstood Doberman Pinscher

The Doberman is a revered breed that is known for its viciousness and frightening appearance but honestly, is this reputation deserved? Being a Doberman owner, I have fallen victim to people’s automatic judgments of the breed.  Here are a few of the MYTHS that I’ve personally been told: Be careful, Dobermans go for the throat. […]

WARNING! Graphic in nature and not intended for all audiences: Abused Pit Bull Patrick in the middle of a custody battle while abuser goes to court

You remember Patrick, the abused and emaciated Pit Bull that was found in a Newark New Jersey’s apartment complexes trash chute.  The dog was found starved, covered with sores and skin hanging off of him. The pooch that has captured the hearts of animal lovers around the world is now caught in the middle of […]

6 Ways to Prevent Fleas and Ticks Holistically

The saying, “prevention is worth more than a pound of cure” is an understatement when discussing those pesky creatures that we call Fleas and Ticks.  Not only are they the ultimate pests but they can cause serious health problems and are not to be taken lightly.  How can you prevent Fleas and Ticks holistically?  Read […]