Who is smarter, Cats vs Dogs?

Yep, I went there and apparently, I am a brave soul.  The question of canine versus feline intelligence has been a battle viciously fought by animal lovers everywhere.  The bell has rung, let the battle begin!!!!

According to one study ran by Dr. Britta Osthaus, of England’s Canterbury Christ Church University, dogs are the smarter being.

Cats were required to participate in a series of experiments that tested their intelligence in terms of cause and effect relationships.  The experiment tested the cats ability to obtain food from under a plastic screen.  There were three scenarios:

  1. One string with treat attached.
  2. Two parallel strings but only one string had a treat attached.
  3. Two strings were crossed with only one having a treat attached.

The psychologist saw no evidence that the cats understood the purpose of the strings.  All cats successfully completed the one string test but unlike dogs, none of the cats consistently selected the correct string in the second scenario.

Dr. Osthaus concluded that dogs performed better than cats.
The question is, what does this experiment prove?  Maybe that dogs are the superior being or maybe just that dogs are far more treat motivated.
So, what do you think?  Who reins supreme for their insatiable learning ability, the dog or the cat?  Stand up for your choice and cast YOUR vote in the comments section.
The battle continues…


Source: http://www.ktla.com/news/landing/ktla-dogs-smarter,0,1159138.story

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