Why do dogs do that?! 4 crazy dog behaviors, explained

We love our dogs and share our entire homes and lives with them but what’s up with those strange and not humanly acceptable behaviors that they thoroughly seem to enjoy?  More simply put, why do dogs do the crazy things they do?

  1. Why do dogs drag their butt on the floor? The simple answer is that their butt is bothering them but it goes much deeper than that.  Here are some reasons dogs drag their bottoms: a clump of stuck feces, full anal sac (that needs expressing), wound(s), growth(s), swelling or irritation.
  2. Why do dogs eat poop? According to PetMD, Dogs eat poop for a variety of reasons, including: malnutrition, vitamin deficiency, increased appetite, an underlying medical condition, parasites, undigested food particles in the stool.  Mother dogs eat feces of their newborn pups, puppies witness Mother eating feces and partake in the behavior as well, attention, in response to punishment, to keep their environment clean or in my experience, the dog might just like the taste!!  Always rule out all medical conditions first and then speak to a dog trainer to help kick this nasty habit.
  3. Why do dogs roll in smelly stuff? At one point or another, we will all fall victim to this uber disgusting doggie behavior.  Picture this, it’s a beautiful day and your dog is enjoying the great outdoors when you notice her rolling in something.  You walk over to witness her rolling on the carcass of another animal!  WHY FIDO WHY?!!  According to Psychology Today, the most viable theory is that dogs roll in smelly things to disguise their canine scent from possible prey, thus allowing the dog to get closer to their prey during a hunt.  An instinctual behavior that has stuck with our dogs long after their undomesticated days.
  4. Why do dogs ruffle their beds before sleeping? According to VPI Health Insurance’s website, before domestication, wild dogs would dig shallow beds for themselves to help keep them warm.  The dog could also be using the sweat glands in her paws to mark her territory by scratching the ground and dispersing that smell.

Now imagine a different scenario.  How quickly would you kick a human out of your house if they scooted their bare butt on the floor, ate poop and rolled in carcasses :)?  Aaah, it’s that human to dog connection that you just can’t find anywhere else 🙂 :).

Did you know obsessive tail chasing has been linked to high cholesterol in dogs? Find out more here.


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